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It's Time to Change...

According to Yahoo Finance (link below), the average cost of a vacation in 2024 for a solo traveler for one week is $1,984. For a family of four, you can expect a cost of $7,936.

This figure is the cost a downpayment on a house! AND, you have nothing to show for it afterward, but a few images.

But what if instead of vacations you considered a healthy rewarding lifestyle?

What if, instead of throwing thousands of dollars on a vacation, you decided to invest it in something sure to make you a winner on all fronts?

What if, instead of having a one week long vacation each year, you could visit a place that you could call home whenever you wanted, where you had some of your stuff, where you could sleep without the worry of what's been done in the bed, where you could cook if you wanted to, where you could bathe knowing it was just you and your family using it all the time?

This is a real place.

Families all over the US have decided to make this change from vacations to healthy rewarding lifestyles. They make memories They invest in their families' futures by leaving a legacy and they're smarter about the use of their money!

The place is your park model vacation home and it'll change your life!

In Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York park models are located in RV parks that have pools, tennis courts, hiking trails, special events and all kinds of fun for people of all ages! You can come to your park model vacation home whenever you want without having to make a reservation or have a check in and check out time. This is your home and you come and go as you please!

No stress from road trips, airports, leaving your pets behind, not having enough money for activities, being uncomfortable at your accommodations. plane rides with kids (OMG!).

You get to your park model vacation home, you open the door and voilá! You are home!

It doesn't get better than that!


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