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What is a Park Model Home?

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

When people see Park Model homes, they are often surprised. Initially they call them cute, but once inside, they are surprised at how spacious they are...and how beautifully they are decorated and furnished. But...what is a Park Model Home? If you are not already familiar with them, the answer may surprise you!

Inside a Park Model Home, you will find unique and beautiful furnishing choices. The bathrooms and appliances are full size. Bedrooms are spacious, as well as the living rooms. Park Model Homes are about 400 square feet and some come with lofts for extra storage. With the tiny house revolution...people are more open and appreciative of small spaces. But is a Park Model Home a tiny home?

Surprisingly, there are not many standards and rules for tiny homes. Some are built to codes for travel trailers. Often they do not adhere to any standards. Many RV campgrounds and resorts won’t accept “tiny homes” because of the lack of quality and safety. So if you are investing your money, the Park Model Home is the smart choice. Think...return on investment!

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) defines park model RVs as “a unique trailer-type RV that is designed to provide temporary accommodation for recreation, camping or seasonal use.” According to the RVIA, nearly 70 percent of park model RV owners locate their unit within several hours’ driving time from their primary residences and use them for weekend camping trips and summer getaways.

Many people use a Park Model Home in a campground. They enjoy the individual amenities of the campground, which usually has a pool and many other activities. But there are many towns that allow an RV to be located on a piece of land. They may have other requirements, so do some research as to your particular area.

Some of the benefits of big living in a Park Model Home

  • Affordability: Not only are they a great price for a getaway, but they make sense financially. You have equity instead of a hotel bill. If you place them in a campground, you don't have to worry about maintenance on your property, property taxes, etc. You pay campground fees and they do the rest.

  • Customization: Not only can you purchase a model to suit your personal taste, but there are so many options to choose from. You can also have one designed to suit your special needs.

  • Fully Furnished: They come with all the custom furniture and decor included.

  • Clamping Approved: You and your family spend time in nature and don't have to sleep on the ground, bitten by bugs or use a cold shower. You have a home away from home with all the comforts you need. Unplug when you want to....

  • Access to Nature: Not only is spending time in nature good for your stress reduction, but your kids will be able to spend as much time outside as they want. With campground amenities, there is plenty to do. But you can also attend local events, kayak on a river, hike a trail or whatever you want. No canned office air or fluorescent lighting here!

  • Family Time: You are creating memories in nature that your children will not only remember, but likely want to re-create with their children. Investing in your family brings so many returns!

  • Flexibility: Yes, they can be a great vacation choice for the summer. But they can also be used for a weekend getaway, a starter home, a retirement home for snowbirds, an option to a college dorm, a guest home and more.

  • Extras: Unlike the tiny home, financing for Park Model Homes is readily available. And Park Model Homes are easier to insure than tiny homes.

Park Model Homes are definitely a smart investment...and once you find out more, I'm sure you can add to my list of benefits!

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