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2024 Incredible Park Model Trends

Park models have been around forever and every year brings different styles and new features. The 2024 park models are definitely hitting it out of the ballpark with their design improvements!

Take for example the interior of the Fairmont depicted in the main image of this post. This park model has a separate kitchen with a dining room table for four and additional seating at the breakfast bar. The kitchen is in it's own space and allows the living room to be expanded when needed.

We love this design because it makes use of the space under one of the lofts. and just makes the kitchen feel cozy and in a room all of its own.

In addition, the use of rich pleather furniture really elevates the look of the unit. Not to mention the new layout design which places the fireplace front and center, making the living room perfect for entertaining, family get-togethers and of course the holidays!

Another change in design is the addition of built-in pet stations. This is brilliant! No more having to find a place for pet dishes in the kitchen. They are tucked neatly into the cabinet walls.

Another design improvement in 2024 models takes the microwave from above the stove to being wall-mounted.

This is a significant change because it frees up space around the stove and makes it safer for everyone to use, especially little ones.

Behind the pet station is another addition we are seeing in 2024 models. That is a back door. No more having to use the sliding doors to take out the garbage and drag it through the living room.

Great Outdoor cottages has also been innovating design.

The unit below has a porch and a second floor deck! Although these are not allowed in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, there are plenty of other states where you can enjoy this amazing new feature. Tiny house have nothing on park models!

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